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Auto Accident/ Personal Injury

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Auto Accident/ Personal Injury

Dear Car Accident Victim,

I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you about something that most of you are unaware of. Please spare some time and read this letter and be aware of the great dangers that might be lurking around, waiting to destroy your future. Sound grim? Well read on and trust me, you will not repent spending your time on this E-book. This E-book will tell you all that you need to know about car accident injuries that you often tend to ignore. You will learn about the symptoms of such injuries, which incidentally are well hidden and often not detected by the normal tests and x-rays. By reading this E-book you will understand the need for immediate care for such injuries. if you are not really ready to visit a doctor again after the accident.

Believe me when I tell you that this E-book is a gold mine of information regarding the small injuries that often go unnoticed and end up causing major trauma in the lives of the victims!

First imagine a scenario, a few months down the line from today, where you get up in the morning and feel a twinge of pain in your neck as you lift yourself from bed and sit straight. Initially you wonder whether it’s because you have overdone some work the night before or maybe because you slept in the wrong position. You assign a million reasons for it’s cause and maybe forget about it.

When it worsens however, you tend to wonder what went wrong. You may have discussed it with your family and friends after reading an article or may have even witnessed a friend suffer the consequences of a neglected internal injury caused by a car accident, but you do not attribute it to yourself.

You feel you are safe and secure, and that minor car accident you had a year ago has nothing to do with this pain in your neck. WRONG!!! It has everything to do with your pain today, and this is what most people are unaware of, or like you choose to ignore! However, before most people understand this and do something about it, it has grown to something so big that nothing can be done and you will end up suffering the consequences of your own folly!

Do I sound grim? You bet I do! Am I painting the worst scenario possible? Yes, I am and it is so that you and others like you wake up and listen to me and the advice you often hear but choose to ignore! I am serious as I make my living hearing and helping people who have been injured in car accidents! My name is Dr. Carter, and I am the person you should visit to ensure that you do not have any minor internal injuries waiting to blow up into major catastrophes!

I know you are a car accident casualty and have had to face the recent trauma of an accident that may have resulted in loss of life and property and would have had to deal with the hospitals, bills, insurance people, police and lawyers. In short, you are ready to shut the door to anyone who says a word about the accident. I truly understand your predicament and well appreciate it, BUT wait for a moment and think, am I doing the right thing by saying it is finished? Is it really over or is there something lurking behind the scenes that you are unaware of? Something that is sure to blow into something big and unmanageable?

What is this danger I keep talking about, you ask, and rightly so! What indeed is this danger and how does one avoid it? Read on friends, for I shall tell you all about it.

This danger comes in the form of soft tissue injuries that often go unnoticed by the million tests and x-rays taken at the time of the accident.

After an accident, you are most relieved to find all external and identifiable parts of your body are intact and without any severe damage. You are also happy to be reunited with your family and friends and want to run away from the memories of the accident. While your reaction is certainly understandable, it is important to stop and think for a minute, as there could have been some damage to the soft tissue. While the mind tends to forget the accident and move forward, the body often does not and much after the accident, such injuries come to the forefront, dangling like the sword of Damocles and you can do nothing about it!

What is a soft tissue injury?

It is a tear in the ligament, tendon, or muscles in our body which happens due to the impact of an accident. Even in a minor accident, these tissues being so delicate may be torn or damaged due to the impact of the hit sustained by the vehicle. Often such injuries go unnoticed because the injured person feels no pain for days after. It is only much later that pain develops in the area and you realize that there has been some damage to the soft tissue in the accident.

In some cases where there is external injury that causes pain to the wounded, the doctors often prescribe pain killers which, though effective for the moment, tend to cause numbing of the tissues, thereby further hiding the extent of injury. Once you take these pills, you feel you are in heaven and nothing can stop you. You feel excellent in both mind and body and forget that you have been traumatized by a car accident, thereby forgetting any side effect that such an accident could have.

Another reason for people ignoring such internal injuries is their ego. They feel they are strong, infallible, and immune to all kinds of illness or injuries. So, even if they feel a twinge of pain, they feel it will go away and ignore it. Alternatively, they ridicule such pain and do not assign any importance to it. Some take medication for it and claim that the medicine is working and since they are fit as a fiddle, nothing much can go wrong.

In short, all people involved in car accidents ignore the pain and this leads to problems in the future. Please do not do so, I beg you. Do not take any pain felt after an accident lightly; be serious and act upon it. A soft tissue injury is no laughing matter, and you certainly will not laugh once it is diagnosed as untreatable as it will alter your life and lifestyle permanently.

What are the symptoms of an internal soft tissue injury and how does one differentiate?

Well, very simply, if you have or have ever felt anyone one of the following symptoms, go to the doctor and check for any internal soft tissue injury:

    • Severe headaches
    • Severe ache of the head especially around the eyes
    • Feeling of numbness
    • Tingling sensation in any part of the body
    • Back pain or stiffness
    • Stiff neck
    • Inability to sleep soundly
    • Insomnia
    • Excessive irritation
    • Exhaustion
    • Depression
    • Lack of Concentration
    • Inability to do anything due to constant fatigue

If you observe in either you or your loved ones any one of the above symptoms, and you know that they have had an accident in the recent past, please go to the doctor. I cannot stress enough the importance of visiting a doctor and getting the symptom checked thoroughly.

I am a doctor and am well trained in dealing with such cases and especially with treating people like you or your loved one, who has gone through the trauma of an accident and are on the brink of facing another more serious one.

And I repeat, it is essential to get yourself checked immediately after any accident, big or small, for any internal injury that may have been missed by the larger tests and x-rays. And if it is some time since the accident, then go to someone who understands the dangers of internal soft tissue injuries, someone like me, and get it checked immediately. I know I am repeating myself, but it is very important. If repeating myself makes you go to the doctor for a check up, then I am ready to repeat it one hundred times!

However, if you do not have a proper doctor in your vicinity, then you may come to me. This is what you need to do and believe me when I tell you that you will only gain and not lose anything by doing this. This is a very serious issue and this is what we can do to help you:

We offer a ‘FREE Auto Accident Soft Tissue Injury Consultation’. During this consultation, we detect and identify the damaged soft tissues in your body, examine it, and give you a detailed report on its seriousness and treatment, if possible and required.

And the best part is that we are offering this service, which usually costs about $175, absolutely FREE for a limited time period. Just mention this E-book. This is an introductory offer and is being proposed only to ensure more and more people like you come and see for yourself that there are no injuries to your body, and you are able to sleep well at night.

So while it may not be possible to get you on our immediate list of patients as we are currently flooded with such requests and enquirers, we will do our best to get you in the office as soon as possible. Act now as this free offer is only for a limited period.

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